Biked on 28.10.2013

Timo had the honour to first volunteer to cycle along with me. He is a volunteering at the Pattaya Orphanage for half a year. His personal story is a true metaphore regarding the work at the orphanage, he explains: “working here provides me with the opportunity to give something back that I have been provided earlier in life.” Timo was brought to the Pattaya Orphanage and raised there the very first years of his life before he was adopted by his current parents from Germany who fully support his work at the orphanage.

Timo, 18 years old, doesn’t feel the urge to trace back his biological parents yet but he truly senses that this is where his roots are. “By working at the orphanage I can give back what I got from here.” His activities at the orphanage vary from teaching English, performing music classes -Timo is a perfect piano player-, hanging around with the kids and writing articles for the Orphanage. Beside his position, there are also positions available at the nearby Human Help Organisation (HHO).

Children who are brought to the orphanage are mostly coming from poverty-stricken families where the majority of kids is victim of broken families or “unaccepted” pregnancy, not in the last reason caused by prostitution. The orphanage provides this children with the opportunity to develop themselves the best possible to their own intelligence within a safe and friendly environment. The orphanage is running a very professional website which shows perfectly in which way you can help. Feel free to pay a visit at http://www.thepattayaorphanage.org/

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