Joan Boer op de tandem


Biked on 06.11.2013

Joan Boer is the ambassador of the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok. I took the unique opportunity to cycle a few blocks around the neighborhood of the Embassy near busy Sukhumvit Road. In this short trip, Joan told me about his personal experiences regarding cycling in Thailand. One day later he would speech at the BIKE FEST event to emphasize the positive effects of cycling: environment friendly, efficient and sociable.

Being both fanatic cyclists our self, we agreed that there was yet a long way to go to improve cycling facilities throughout Thailand but we also shared the opinion that adapting attitude towards cycling would be the best first step to take. In The Netherlands we don’t especially dress up to go cycling but simply wear the clothes for the occasion we are heading for: it’s a casual activity performed by almost any individual regardless the occasion.

It was an honor having Joan on the bicycle and I really appreciate the efforts he puts in further promoting cycling throughout Thailand.

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