Ron Gerrits


Biked on 06.03.2014

During my visit to Chiang Mai, I took the opportunity to meet up with Dutchman Ron Gerrits who is living and working in Chiang Mai. He is organizing detoxification and re-integration programs for drug addicts and recently founded the Creating Balance Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to sustainably improve the future of children living in Hill tribes.

We sat down together at the side of the busy street where his foundation is based and talked about his work. What motivated Ron to start working in the field of social work within Thailand, what challenges does he face and what is his message to the world? The answers are all included in the podcast which I created from the actual conversation (in Dutch, translations welcome):

[PODCAST: In gesprek met Ron Gerrits, oprichter van Creating Balance Foundation in Chiang Mai]

Of course Ron and I cycled around through downtown Chiang Mai after our talk:

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