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I did it!I ran the Bangkok Marathon and cycled over 3500 kilometers through hilly roads. You have been following my entertaining ride but entertaining you was just the start…. The final goal for my ride is to improve the quality of life for the patients at the Aidshospice in Lopburi. Patients who arrive at this hospice are mostly in an advanced stage of aids and need direct treatment.

The Situation

Supin in haar slaaphoudingI first went to the Aidshospice in 2007 and what I saw there left me in complete shock. There are 35 beds at the hospice which are heavily used by the patients who often have to spend whole days in bed. This would not be the biggest problem if the beds weren’t so worn out as they are right now. I will visit the Aidshospice on Wednesday 19 March to provide the temple with new bed sheets and pillowcases.

The change we can make

Versleten matras1I invite you to make a small donation so we can make an essential difference for the people who really need it! The goal is to provide at least 1 new set of bed-linen for each of the 35 beds in the temple. 1 set of bed-linen will cost approximately $25 so the goal is to raise 35 x $25 = $875

Update: this goal is met, however, there is still high need for professional air mattresses. Please make a small donation by following the instructions below.

Transfer by Bank
Frequent volunteer Huub Beckers is coordinating new donations (more information about Huub below). You can transfer your donation by bank on account NL19RABO0131350226 – H Beckers – Maastricht. Please mention “Aidshospice Thailand” within your payment.

Huub laat Walai het ijsje goed smakenMeet Huub
Dutch readers should consider reading the blog of volunteer Huub Beckers. His stories give great insights about the factual life inside the temple. I truly appreciate not only his hands-on help at the temple but also the time he invested in communicating with me regarding my project goals. If you do have specific questions for Huub, he is more than eager to answer you. Just send and e-mail with your question to 1bike2stories@gmail.com

Goal 2 (100% done)
The second goal was to raise $180 in order to provide the Aidshospice in Versleten koelkastLopburi with a new fridge. The fridge is used to cool down coldpacks which are used to ease all kinds of pain. There currently is a very worn out fridge of which the freezer compartment needs to be de-freezed every few days. Thanks to the aid of my sponsors we are now able to replace the old fridge during my visit Wednesday 19 March 2014.

Goal 1 (100% done)
Big thanks to all sponsors who helped me reaching the first sponsor goal! The first goal was to collect $1200 for the actual tandem bicycle and its transport to Thailand so it can be donated to the Skills Development Center for the blind in Nontaburi, Thailand. My friends at Human Ride created a professional video about how they use tandem bicycles within that organization. However it is in Thai Language, it still provides anybody with an excellent impression of the good work being done there.

Donations are now coordinated by volunteer Huub Beckers (see below for more information)