“1bike2stories is a project that invites people to share their story on my tandem bicycle while raising funds for charity.”

I love to ride my bicycle, I love to entertain people and I love to share good stories on the road. I soon found out that a tandem bicycle would be my perfect partner for an exciting ride. 1bike will carry 2stories.

Meet the Dutch. Crazy about bicycles. It is the most popular means of transport in my country and every Dutch person owns at least 1 bicycle. We even have parking lots for bicycles! Many Dutch people take their bicycles on holiday with them or are so crazy about cycling that their bicycle actually becomes their fulltime travelpartner ;-) I am riding a 100% Dutch tandem bicycle fitting 2 stories at a time.

One story is my own, surrounded by tulips, cheese and windmills. The other story is that of my fellow cyclist who I will invite to cycle with me on the way. It is my intention to visit various charities and invite people who are involved in volunteering to join me on the bike. In this way, the bike will soon be loaded with interesting stories about ways to make a positive change in the world. You can catch up with stories from the road on my blog.

Goals for the project
There is no specific numerical goal. Instead, it is my intention to visit various charity projects on the road, discover what items they need and set these as a goal to sponsor for. In this way the story will guide me to the goal. The first goal is already set, please see Sponsor Me for more information.

Wondering how I came up with the idea for this project? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions!