It feels great to be inspired. I would never have made this project a reality without being inspired by others, and I hope to inspire other people with my project as well. I have listed some media on this page that played major role in founding the 1bike2stories project.

Little Big Project Thailand
The Little Big Project is a contest which was organized by the Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) in order to promote responsible volunteer tourism in Thailand. Five international bloggers were paired up with five Thai bloggers to make five teams working with different host organisations around Thailand. I unfortunately did not win the contest but it really inspired me to follow the adventures of those who did. It once again showed the power of sharing inspiring adventures through the Internet.

Mr. Pumpy
Mr. Pumpy and his pal Felix cycled through a big part of South East Asia back in 1999. At that time, riding Asia was an adventure in itself witnessing their burden and fun travel reports. Hope to meet these inspirational guys on my way to share a story on the bicycle.

The 4 hour workweek
The main message of this book by Tim Ferriss is to get rid of the irrelevant things in life and design it in a way that makes you really happy, guided by inspirational quotes. The biggest eye opener for me is Ferriss’ idea to take various mini retirements throughout life rather than working your whole life and investing in retirement for the worst-case scenario. I have rarely red a more inspiring book than the 4 hour workweek.

The Art of Non-conformity
Chris Guillebeau’s website about lifestyle design uncovers many strategies on how to change the world by doing remarkable things. I especially enjoyed his unconventional writings ‘279 Days to Overnight Success’ and the journey he takes you on in ‘$100 Startup’ which helped me a lot in the process of developing this website.

50 people 1 question
Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow? Ask 50 people and direct their answers into one inspiring video. The 50people1question videos are only the starting point, as folks from all over the globe got involved and provide their own feedback.

“Four years, three continents, a man on a bicycle – and a girl.” Visit the Kickstarter website to find out more about an inspiring adventure and the challenge to turn it into a fascinating book.