Beside the blog, you can also see who was on the bicycle:

Ron Gerrits


Biked on 06.03.2014

During my visit to Chiang Mai, I took the opportunity to meet up with Dutchman Ron Gerrits who is living and working in Chiang Mai. He is organizing detoxification and re-integration programs for drug addicts and recently founded the … Read More



Biked on 03.03.2014

'What do you really need in life?' This question kept spinning around my mind after visiting the inspiring Pun Pun Farm near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Since I am a true fan of organic gardening myself, I had been looking forward … Read More



Biked on 04.02.2014

Ever since I arrived in Thailand, I have thoroughly shared my enthusiasm for this destination. It was the same for Patricia, a friend who decided to go travelling through Thailand and it's surrounding countries with one of her best friends … Read More

The core team at Openmind Projects

Anna & Sven

Biked on 03.02.2014

The most popular and well known form of volunteering in south east Asia is teaching English, and that's the focus at Openmind Projects too, but here it is part of a mission that goes way beyond teaching in its traditional form. I got the … Read More



Biked on 15.01.2014

As an infrequent museum-goer it was quite a surprise to find myself in a permanent exhibition for hours when I had originally planned to stop off for a quick look around. It might have been the impressive video testimonies of victims or the … Read More



Biked on 16.01.2014

Volunteering can be a life changing experience but I do realize that despite the fact we all would like to help other people, it certainly requires the right character and a lot of dedicated time. However, there are simple ways to … Read More



Biked on 17.01.2014

Last week I took the opportunity to cycle around Vientiane with Thouni (28), a Communications Officer at Village Focus International. We set off from their office and followed part of her favorite running route along the Mekong river, and … Read More


Phra Somboon

Biked on 03.12.2013

Casual cycling is still rare in Thailand. Of all the local people who I have spotted on their bicycle so far, most belong to these two groups: 1. Poorer people using the bike as a cheap means of transport, often seen amongst industrial … Read More


พระปลัดสมบูรณ์ สุมงฺคโล

ปั่นจักรยานเมื่อวันที่ 3 ธันวาคม 2556

การปั่นจักรยานด้วยชุดลำลองปกติยังคงเป็นเรื่องหาดูได้ยากในประเทศไทย … Read More

Chancha from Korat


Biked on 26.11.2013

One of the most remarkable people who has cycled along with me so far is bike activist Chancha from Korat. Of course I have already met a lot of bike enthusiasts up to now, but I found Chancha by far the most spirited and convincing. By … Read More

Riding the bicycle with Jenny at Elephantstay


Biked on 20.11.2013

It's hard to miss the Elephants when you're in Ayutthaya. If you don't see them carrying tourists around the city centre, you’ll definitely spot one at the side of the street when you head a few kilometres north out of town. The red … Read More

Joan Boer op de tandem


Biked on 06.11.2013

Joan Boer is the ambassador of the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok. I took the unique opportunity to cycle a few blocks around the neighborhood of the Embassy near busy Sukhumvit Road. In this short trip, Joan told me about his personal … Read More

On the bicycle with Krit


Biked on 31.10.2013

Pattaya is known as the perfect holiday getaway for a growing number of tourists: sunkissed beaches, amazing food, stunning resorts and adult entertainment are all available at a reasonable price. Think many. Unfortunately, there are always … Read More

Vrijwilliger Timo fietste mee vanuit The Pattaya Orphanage


Biked on 28.10.2013

Timo had the honour to first volunteer to cycle along with me. He is a volunteering at the Pattaya Orphanage for half a year. His personal story is a true metaphore regarding the work at the orphanage, he explains: "working here provides me … Read More

Rens op de tandem


Biked on 15.09.2013

Rens has proven he is not only entertaining company but also a reliable bikemate. It's no coincidence that he appears to be my brother! We started the ride from our parents house and Rens soon admitted that it would his absolute desire to … Read More



Biked on 31.08.2013

Wies was riding the bicycle with me from a small Northern-Dutch village called Avenhorn to my hometown Den Bosch. This was a very exciting first ride on the bicycle. On the way we found ourselves surrounded by beautiful Dutch scenery and … Read More