About Me

Hi there, I’m Thomas. Nice to meet you!

I have always been interested in travelling off the beaten track of life. Since I was a kid I’ve always been walking out ahead of the group, going further out in order to explore new worlds, meet new people, connect and share the fun. As soon as life allowed me, I became lifetime friends with my backpack and started to mark new places on the map. Natural curiosity, adaptability and a good sense of humour allowed me to be able to truly interconnect with new worlds until it even became my job.

Where I have been
I went travelling through New Zealand, Fiji, Australia and Thailand 6 months straight after finishing my studies in 2006, and in 2007 I started my career as an online marketer for a travel portal. My job gave me the opportunity to dedicate the last 6 years of my life to discovering the best spots within European cities and New York. All my valuable vacation time was spent exploring other overseas destinations such as Vietnam, the Caribbean, Colombia and the United States.

In all these years of travelling I have been lucky enough to find myself in Thailand many times, and it was the site of a life changing experience in 2007. That year I worked as a voluntary teacher in the Wat Sa Kaew Orphanage in Sing Buri and lived together with a local family. It brought my experience of exploring new worlds to the next level. I realized that while travelling may change your own journey through life, volunteering has the potential to extend that positive impact to the lives of others.

Things I like
In general I’m happy to be entertained but even better, I like to entertain others by sharing everyday experiences. To be more specific: I love campfires, coffee, sun, cycling (duh), Asian food, autobiographic movies, themed parties, internet marketing, food-festivals, special beer, soulful music, BBQ, Thai culture and much, much more!